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Transport Optimisation

Transport optimisation is integral to linking manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers efficiently. It is a complex issue that requires both an understanding of detailed business requirements such as service levels and customer delivery point restrictions, and the use of software to find optimal solutions.

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SCCG focuses on optimising goods movement to cut costs, boost efficiency, and heighten customer satisfaction. Their approach includes analysing transportation operations, identifying improvement areas, and developing client-specific strategies.  This process involves understanding customer service requirements, analysing operational processes, and evaluating cost-to-serve.

Recommendations, tailored to each client’s unique situation, range from implementing route scheduling software to reorganising distribution infrastructure. SCCG’s goal is to balance customer needs with transport optimisation, aiding businesses in reducing costs while maintaining high service quality. The logistics consulting team ensure tailored solutions for diverse scenarios like market expansion, sales volume changes, and competitive challenges.

Our Process

Requirements Definition

The first step in transport optimisation to attain effective transport operations is to clearly define your requirements – understanding what movements exist between what locations at what load size and frequency – e.g. primary movements from factory to warehouse, delivery to customers, returns, empty packaging movements, etc.

Transport Routing and Scheduling

The SCCG logistics consultants use PTV Route Optimiser software to model dedicated fleet operations and explore scenarios to schedule and route vehicles efficiently.  Outputs include optimal fleet mix, optimal out-base locations, optimal customer allocation, improved vehicle utilisation, reduced mileage, costs and CO2e.

Own-fleet vs Outsourced Provision

SCCG will define which transport movements are better routed via outsourced provision versus dedicated fleet operations. This includes using regional contractors for the outlying areas and pallet and/or parcel network solutions.

Transport Management Systems

About SCCG

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is a well-established logistics consulting UK firm with a great reputation for helping companies meet their business goals through effective logistics strategy and design. Based in the UK, the company has completed over 700+ projects across 50+ countries.

Owned by its Directors, who are actively involved in projects, SCCG works with clients from major corporates to fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses across all sectors to improve customer service and reduce cost-to-serve.

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