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Weidmann Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Review Warehouse Operations For Weidman

Weidmann Electrical Technologies (Weidmann) are a division of the WICOR Group based in Switzerland. In the UK, Weidmann have two divisions, electrical components and a papermill for the production of electrical papers required for the specialist labelling of electrical components.  

Weidmann operate three manufacturing factories within the UK all based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The factories are supported by a warehouse facility with a footprint of approximately 150,000sq.ft. The warehouse stores paper pulp bales, pre-production electrical paper reels, finished product, work in progress (WIP) and waste product.   

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) was engaged by Weidman to undertake a full review of their warehouse operations, to include a complete process review for the activity conducted between converted reel production storage, through finished paper production and finished paper goods. The review included warehouse layout, process and procedure and inventory value.    

The initial view of the management team was that any issues were rooted within the current layout of the storage and production plant and the subsequent material flow capability. Although, clearly there were problems in these areas the Specialist Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants noted that the issues were more directly attributable to the internal process and procedures being used to manage the inventory, coupled with the under-utilisation of the Production and Warehouse Management Systems employed by the business.  

Following the comprehensive review, SCCG presented a broad set of recommendations for process improvement to include management roles and responsibilities, waste management, internal re-use of broken bi-product, enhanced application of the ERP systems, purchase order management, aged, broken, held and redundant stock management, inventory identification and location and inbound receipt weight accuracy.  

In addition to identifying the core process issues, SCCG were able to produce, in co-operation with the Weidmann management, an action plan detailing the full list of recommendations, including areas of responsibility and implementation timescales. 

“The Supply Chain Consulting Group provided the initial consultancy and indeed were a partner throughout this process of stock inventory reduction with an intuitive and experienced consultant at hand throughout, who brought experience and objectivity to our exercise that ultimately resulted in a real bottom line change. What I find valuable is the continued relationship and indeed genuine approach of The Supply Chain Consulting Group, this is a company that stays with a brief and indeed exceeds expectations – great advisor and partner in this key business area.” Weidmann – Operations Director.