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Hertfordshire County Council Case Study

Hertfordshire Council

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Design Hertfordshire County Council Warehouse

Hertfordshire County Council awarded (through a competitive tender process) a contract to The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) for the provision of Warehouse Design Consultancy Services to optimise their current warehouse facility in Welwyn Garden City.

The 80,000 sq. ft. site is currently used for the supply of a wide range of products and general supplies to local authority and schools. The objective was to increase the throughput of the facility to accommodate a greater number of product lines.

This required greater efficiency in the use of existing racking and logistics of picking stock to order.

The warehousing specialists at SCCG reviewed in detail the existing operation and developed an optimised layout and picking strategy that allows for the management and distribution of the increased product range and throughput.

The warehouse consultants successfully completed the project and delivered an optimised strategy for receiving goods, stock replenishment, labelling and packaging. In addition they provided detailed CAD layouts for the facility and workflow process to optimise the picking operation.

The Consultants worked alongside the warehouse management team and WMS system provider to ensure that the correct outcomes were delivered and presented to HCC management within the timescales of the project.

“SCCG demonstrated significant experience, expertise and value for money.”  Programme Manager – Business Improvement Team – Hertfordshire County Council.