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Warehouse Cost Benchmarking

SCCG has delivered hundreds of warehouse design and warehouse operational improvement projects, and has a deep understanding of the warehouse layout, equipment, process, system and resourcing choices that ultimately determine cost.

Our experience in outsourcing and re-tendering millions of pounds worth of logistics contracts means we have our finger on the pulse of the third-party logistics market.

Every warehouse operation has its own complexities and idiosyncrasies driven by business-specific requirements.  This makes benchmarking costs – ‘what should this be costing us?’ – more complicated than just comparing a few KPIs with nominally similar businesses.  Our approach is thorough and gives a clear insight into cost-drivers within any warehouse operation, and how these can be optimised to deliver a more cost-effective solution.

Start with Requirements Definition

Through a combination of data analysis and on-site review, SCCG will get under the skin of your business and what it needs from a warehouse operation.  It is crucial to understand what the warehouse does and why, often processes that appear counterintuitive are essential to meet specific customer requirements.  An overly simplistic approach to benchmarking risks missing these nuances. 

Reliable Warehouse Cost Benchmarking

SCCG has established tools for building up warehouse costs in a structured way, starting with the essential volume information and process steps to provide a ‘bottom-up’ picture of resourcing, equipment and space requirements.  Inevitably this process also uncovers opportunities for improvement.  Unit costs can be benchmarked against other businesses in the same sector and geography, as well as 3PL market costs and other industry sources.

About SCCG

At The Supply Chain Consulting Group, we understand the importance of effective warehouse operations and the impact it can have on the success of a business. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their full potential by providing the support and guidance they need to transform their warehouse operations.

With our Warehouse Consultancy services, businesses can feel confident in their ability to manage their warehouse effectively and achieve their goals.

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