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Warehouse Automation and Robotics Design

In an era where warehouse labour costs and availability are increasingly challenging, the shift towards warehouse automation and mechanisation is becoming a vital strategy for businesses.

SCCG specialises in providing expert warehouse automation solutions across diverse sectors such as general merchandise, fashion, FMCG, food, and industry.

With a rich portfolio of projects ranging from e-commerce fulfilment centres to complex material flow automation in food processing facilities, we bring a depth of experience to every project. 

Our warehouse automation consultants and programme managers are adept in technologies like automated storage and retrieval systems, advanced picking methods such as autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions, and sophisticated sorting and conveyor systems, ensuring our clients receive up-to-date, tailored solutions for their warehouse automation needs.

Automation Consultancy Services Overview

Our consultancy service focuses on evaluating and implementing the right level of automation for your business. We conduct thorough operational reviews, analyse business data, and assess the financial viability of automation projects. Our experts suggest specific automation and mechanisation solutions, providing insights into capital costs and operational impacts, ensuring the chosen strategy aligns well with your business objectives and logistics strategy.

Project Management and Implementation

Our team excels in defining requirements, conceptual design, and vendor selection for warehouse automation. We provide comprehensive support through the implementation process, including detailed design, system integration, and programme management. Our experienced Programme Managers establish effective governance structures, ensuring seamless execution of complex projects while maintaining a focus on risk management, operational continuity, and aligning automation goals with your overall business strategy.

About SCCG

At The Supply Chain Consulting Group, we understand the importance of effective warehouse operations and the impact it can have on the success of a business. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their full potential by providing the support and guidance they need to transform their warehouse operations.

With our Warehouse Consultancy services, businesses can feel confident in their ability to manage their warehouse effectively and achieve their goals.

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