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Demand Planning

Mastering Demand Planning and Forecasting

Demand planning and forecasting are pivotal in streamlining supply chain operations, ensuring that businesses effectively predict customer demand and manage resources accordingly.

Accurate demand forecasting helps companies reduce costs, optimise inventory levels, and improve customer satisfaction. However, many businesses struggle with inaccurate forecasts, leading to overstocking or stockouts. The supply chain consultants from the Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) offer specialised services to diagnose these challenges and implement robust demand planning systems, aiding businesses in mastering this critical aspect of supply chain management.

Diagnose Your Demand Planning Needs

SCCG begins by diagnosing your company’s demand planning and forecasting challenges. The supply chain consultants delve into your current processes, identifying gaps and inefficiencies. This critical analysis provides insights into areas for improvement and lays the groundwork for selecting a demand planning system that aligns with your specific business needs and objectives.

Select and Implement the Right Solution

Following the diagnosis, SCCG assists in selecting and implementing a suitable demand planning system. Their approach includes evaluating various solutions for their functionality and fit, ensuring seamless integration with your existing operations. With SCCG’s guidance, the implementation is meticulously planned and executed, providing continuous support to ensure the system enhances forecasting accuracy and drives supply chain efficiency.

About SCCG

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is a well-established logistics consulting firm with a great reputation for helping companies meet their business goals through effective logistics strategy and design. Based in the UK, the company has completed over 700+ projects across 50+ countries.

Owned by its Directors, who are actively involved in projects, SCCG works with clients from major corporates to fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses across all sectors to improve customer service and reduce cost-to-serve.

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