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Top Tips to Strengthen your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management can be defined as the strategic coordination of business functions, with the aim of achieving the most efficient movement and storage of goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

The Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), understand how important it is for any business, to ensure that they implement efficient yet effective processes, in order to create and maintain a strong Supply Chain.

SCCG – Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants, know that the complete integration of the supply cycle requires an understanding of the complete process; knowing how freight flows, and possible choke points, to knowing possible problem spots, is advantageous for both shippers and logistics providers alike, and can subsequently ensure to maximize the use of resources, and prevent dreaded ‘sub optimisation’ (treating each supply chain function as separate factors) working to further prevent limited visibility, hidden costs and fragmented teams working against each other.

At SCCG, our Supply Chain Consultants help businesses to develop an integrated approach to optimising their Supply Chains, by offering specialist skills. Below, the team offer their expertise and insight into how to effectively Strengthen your Supply Chain:

Look, See, Hear
A Supply Chain is an intricate web of suppliers, partners, and products. Therefore, it is important that all lines for communication and visibility between all parties involved are kept clear. With ever-evolving technology, supply chain visibility is much easier to control. Effective communication and visibility are prominent and essential within a strong Supply Chain, and unfortunately the absence of these can hinder the effectiveness, efficiency and ultimately the strength of a Supply Chain.

Collaboration and Continuity
Establishing good working connections is key to ensuring that all of the elements involved within your Supply Chain remain robust and cohesive. Working this way can ensure to effectively maintain and control the continual availability of your supply of products and or services which you are required to deliver.

Necessary over Nice
When it comes to inventory, it is important for businesses to understand the economic implications of production batch sizes, bulk purchasing raw materials, and be-spoke products. Although individual items can be personalised, it is vital for businesses to realise that they will often gain greater flexibility by sourcing and providing standardised stock.

Safe and Secure
Although the advent of technology within the supply chain proves to be very advantageous, with many menial human labour roles now replaced by more efficient machines which complete tasks via diligent robotic process automation; technology does have some pit-falls. Cyber-security is a very real issue which affects the Logistics industry, and a breach of a business’s machines responsible for the continuity of their Supply Chain, can hinder a business’s ability to function, and consequentially impact holistically upon their Logistics processes. Investing in safety measures to prevent threats of this nature is almost vital for modern businesses to survive.

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