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SCCG’s Marta Biela – on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the amazing women at The Supply Chain Consulting Group. Joanna Rodrigues and Marta Biela are valued members of the Supply Chain and Logistics consultant team, developing cost-effective logistics network strategies and optimised warehouse designs.

Joanna Rodrigues is a Specialist Consultant, qualified with a Masters degree in Economic and Corporate Decision Making from Lisbon University. She is experienced in operational problem formulation and advanced data analysis, and has contributed to projects within a variety of sectors, including 3PL, Wholesale and Packaging.

Marta Biela is our Operations Manager. Graduating from Middlesex University with a Masters degree in Global Supply Chain Management, she is skilled in the analysis of complex data, using software to evaluate alternative scenarios and ensure logistics operations are productive and efficient. She has completed logistics network strategy projects for major manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and warehouse design projects in FMCG, Retail and Fashion. 

SCCG interviewed Marta Biela, to find out what sparked her interest in Logistics and Supply Chain, and to talk about her journey so far…

What inspired you to work in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry? 

It all started when I was a teenager. My mom’s friend was a director for logistics company in Poland. Both me and my mom felt like she really stood out from other women we knew, mainly because around 10-15 years ago it was almost unheard of, for a woman to work within the logistics industry, and in addition to this, that she could be granted senior level positions.

I felt inspired, that she was doing something really amazing, proving that not only could she work in such a predominantly male dominated industry, but also that she could progress her career within this environment so quickly.

When I moved to the UK I knew that I wanted to focus on business studies prior to narrowing down to selecting my chosen career path. I really enjoyed the subject, as I found I could apply my learnt theory into practice, as opposed to just learning a subject to pass an exam. During my 3rd year I studied a Supply Chain Management module which reminded me of my early dream of success and empowering women.

I subsequently decided to complete a Masters in same topic which proved to be an excellent decision as this led to me attaining the successful position I now hold as Operations Manager, within The Supply Chain Consulting Group. I can see growing potential for more women getting involved into the industry and I am very happy to be one of them.

Do you enjoy it? 
Yes, I do enjoy it. It is something that I studied and wanted to be part of. The industry progresses so fast, new technologies are being developed every day, every customer has different needs, which means there is always lots to learn, and never a dull moment!

What would your advice be to women considering a career within the Logistics Industry?
Go for it girl! Let’s show the world that women can be successful in any industry and that no industry should be so simply categorised as specific to only men or only women.

What is your favourite project you’ve worked on?
Last summer we were working on transport project, which had very tight deadlines. The project required long hours, and dedication to achieve the best possible output for our client, within the agreed timeframes. The project demanded a lot of work using Microsoft Excel, and Route Optimisation software, in addition to a final professional presentation, using Microsoft PowerPoint, to deliver outcomes. Whilst it was very intense, I really enjoyed it and would welcome the opportunity to work on future similar projects, to enable me to further develop my skills.

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