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SCCG Welcomes Two New Members

SCCG team is expanding

Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is growing in terms of its projects and services. As a result, the company welcomes two members to the team, Joel and Andreea. 

Joel has joined the team as a Supply Chain Analyst based in SCCG’s Slough office.

Joel holds a Masters in mathematics from the University of Bath, which includes modules in Statistics and Modelling. He has experience in Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot and is also skilled in programming languages such as R and MATLAB. From his degree, Joel acquired a set of analytical skills which helps him to solve complex problems.

Andreea is the new Marketing Executive, she graduated from Coventry University, holding a Bachelor of Arts Certificate in Advertising and Marketing. She is responsible for growing the online and offline presence of the company (the company’s website, social media platforms, content creation, project case studies, news and liaising with the external and internal stakeholders). In addition, Andreea is a certified HubSpot CRM User and an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Adobe Premiere Pro) and with working knowledge in Gimp, Canva, WordPress CMS and Hootsuite.

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