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Recent Merger Underpins Sustainable Growth Strategy

It may come as little surprise to some in the Logistics sector that after having worked together for over three years Gideon Hillman Consulting and Go Supply Chain Consulting, two of the UKs leading independent Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies, successfully completed a merger in July this year to form a new company, The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd.

Gideon Hillman Consulting currently in its 14th year was established in 2004 and GO Supply Chain Consulting, which is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year, have been collaborating on European and UK Logistics Network and Supply Chain projects for major clients in Grocery and Non-Grocery FMCG Retail, Fashion, e-commerce and General Manufacturing since 2015.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd is 50/50 shared ownership between the two companies with the directors of both companies sitting on the new board and all staff and assets have been transferred into the new business, so for all intents and purposes not much will change on a day to day customer facing level.

The Directors identified that the opportunity is to take the best from both and continue to provide clients with great service and innovation from a trusted leader in specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd will retain the two well established brands ‘Gideon Hillman Consulting’ and ‘Go Supply Chain Consulting’ as both are synonymous with high standards, have shared values and strong reputations for building sustainable partnerships with clients and providing detailed yet pragmatic solutions and implementable strategies to any aspect of a company’s Logistics and Supply Chain Operations.

The directors believe that it is the strong values and talented people that make the difference and has been and will continue to be key to the success of the business now and in the future. The company will operate out of both its Slough and Leamington Spa offices providing National and International support via its dedicated team of consultants, analysts and project and general admin staff.

Clients can be assured that there are no planned changes to the existing Directors, consultant team and project support staff in the business other than expanding the team as the business continues to grow as one of the largest independent Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies in the UK.

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