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Logistics Outsourcing

Outsourcing logistics to Third-Party Logistics providers (3PLs) enables companies to focus on core competencies while entrusting supply chain functions to specialists. At its best, this approach offers flexibility, scalability, and access to advanced logistics capabilities without significant capital investment.

3PLs bring expertise in warehouse operations, transportation, and value-added services. By leveraging 3PLs, businesses can adapt to market changes more swiftly, benefit from economies of scale, and enhance customer service through professional logistics management.

On the other hand, companies with internal capability, sufficient scale and stability may see advantages in operating their own warehouse and/or fleet. SCCG can help you to decide what is right for your business, and, if the decision is to outsource, to do this as effectively as possible.

How can we help?

SCCG has deep expertise in the outsourced logistics market, which can be employed to your advantage in selecting, negotiating with and contracting with a 3PL.

Our Process

Requirements Definition

The first step to effective outsourcing is to clearly define your requirements – for example how many pallets to store, how many SKUs, proportion of pallet/case/item picking, order profiles, seasonality and service levels.  SCCG can help you to gather this information in a clear and coherent way.

Cost Benchmarking

Going to market is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  As a preliminary step, SCCG can help you to understand your current situation vs the market.  This is not limited to pricing, but also covers service level and performance KPIs.

3PL Tender Management

If the decision is made to go to market, professional engagement with candidate 3PLs is vital.  3PLs receive a large number of opportunities and it is important to ensure that yours is prioritised.

SCCG will identify suitable 3PLs for your business and manage a structured tender process to get the best results.  SCCG will analyse the responses to ensure like for like comparison and help you with price and contract negotiations.

3PL Contract Review

If the time is not right to go to market, perhaps due to the remaining contract term, SCCG can help you to review your opportunities within the contract.  3PLs will usually engage positively in this process, which can yield cost savings and performance improvements.

About SCCG

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is a well-established logistics consulting firm with a great reputation for helping companies meet their business goals through effective logistics strategy and design. Based in the UK, the company has completed over 700+ projects across 50+ countries.

Owned by its Directors, who are actively involved in projects, SCCG works with clients from major corporates to fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses across all sectors to improve customer service and reduce cost-to-serve.

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