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International Supply Chain

International trade often involves unexpected costs and risks, such as fluctuating exchange rates, logistical challenges, and compliance with foreign regulations.

Many traders are not aware of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to handle international transactions.

While there is significant support available for international marketing, the operational aspects of importing and exporting receive less attention.  Businesses can benefit from working with international supply chain consultants who specialise in the operational side of international trade.

SCCG has completed projects in over 50 countries and understands the complexities, costs and benefits of international trade.  Our international supply chain consultants and trade specialists can help you to adapt to the ever-changing international business environment, build your business and stay compliant.

Our Pragmatic Approach

Integrating international trade, logistics, customs, and security at various levels, our approach encompasses strategic, tactical, and operational considerations.  We’ve optimised contractual terms, minimised customs taxes, managed VAT, and evaluated free trade agreements. 

Our method is pragmatic and adaptable. The SCCG’s supply chain consultants tailor the approach for each organisation, continually updating the risk register and employing proactive risk management strategies, capitalising on potential opportunities.

Reduce Taxes and Remain Compliant

Customs duties, VAT and additional charges play a major role in the expenses associated with international supply chains, with a substantial effect on both cash flow and profit margins.  Many companies tend to neglect these indirect taxes when trying to reduce costs.

SCCG can help to reduce these costs while remaining compliant, quickly delivering a positive impact on net profits.

About SCCG

At The Supply Chain Consulting Group, we understand the importance of effective warehouse operations and the impact it can have on the success of a business. Our goal is to help businesses achieve their full potential by providing the support and guidance they need to transform their warehouse operations.

With our Warehouse Consultancy services, businesses can feel confident in their ability to manage their warehouse effectively and achieve their goals.

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