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How a professional logistics consultant can help your business

The current disruptive economic environment is adding to the challenges and complexities already present in our supply chains. Customers expect faster shipping, low prices and improved sustainability. The pressure is on for companies to make cost savings and become more efficient in allocating resources.

Common problems lead to questions like these:

  • How can I reduce my operating costs?
  • How can I improve efficiency in the warehouse?
  • How can I automate routine processes?

Managing a business day-to-day leaf, no time for planning and designing improvement projects. Whatever the need is, from considering how to renew an outsource transport contract to the design and commissioning of a new distribution centre, there is help available. 

What do logistics consultants do?

A logistics consultancy provides a range of services based on applying industry best practices. 

Supply chain design, planning and optimisation 

Situations that prompt a strategic review of operations before embarking on a new direction are those where there is a need to:

  • design and commission a new facility
  • expand or re-design an existing facility
  • enter a new market or sales channel
  • consolidate operations due to a merger or acquisition
  • outsource one or more operations

Professional logistics consultants can identify sustainable ways of improving supply chain performance, boosting productivity and driving savings through re-engineering processes.

Distribution and warehouse design and planning 

For an existing facility, services are focused on improving workflow and processes and automating or eliminating routine tasks. These include:

  • optimising warehouse layout for better space utilisation
  • improving inventory management and reducing cycle times
  • the selection and implementation of a WMS solution
  • improving materials handling through automated tools

Transport logistics planning and optimisation

Should you manage your transport operations or should you outsource? One of the most requested services from logistics consultants is to devise a cost-effective and efficient solution for outbound transport logistics. This can include route optimisation and the selection and implementation of a transport management system (TMS).  

There are significant capital and operating costs in managing transport logistics in-house to be able to guarantee on-time deliveries to customers. It can also be a distraction when superior customer service is the goal. Read more about the five benefits of outsourcing freight transport here. Logistics consultants will evaluate alternative options and recommend the best solution for you.

Specialist support services

Advances in cloud-based solutions have made technology a powerful enabler. But how do you choose the best solution for your situation? Logistics consultants have access to the latest technologies and achieve success by applying industry best practices to all functions from sourcing to reverse logistics. They can help with:

  • Sourcing of goods and services including managing tenders and RFPs
  • Data collection and analysis to aid decision making
  • Renegotiation of supply contracts
  • Benchmarking and market analysis 
  • Allocation of resources and staff recruitment and training

Choosing the right logistics consultants

Logistics consultants require problem-solving ability and good communication skills as well as technical knowledge. Ask for references from satisfied customers for confirmation of their ability to deliver.

A professional consultancy will show broad expertise across industry sectors and project types. It should be independent of third-party vendors of logistics services, software or materials handling equipment.

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