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Weston Homes Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group completes Warehouse Design and Optimisation

Founded by Bob Weston in 1987, Weston Homes Plc (Weston) are a large and successful property construction company providing high specification traditional style homes, apartment blocks, large complexes; and refurbishments of historical buildings. Innovation is a significant aspect of Weston’s continuous improvement programme, and this has driven a change in Weston’s operations when providing materials for the internal fit-outs for their construction project programmes.

As part of their continuous improvement programme Weston planned to change their supply chain process of the delivery of materials to their various construction projects. Rather than their traditional method of delivering copious quantities of a range of the materials required on-site, the projects would instead receive materials based on the build schedule required by the fit-out teams; Giving Weston greater control throughout the supply chain for materials delivered against the schedules, and improved visibility for their procurement and supply chain management teams.

Weston also had plans to move into a new purpose-built 60,000sq. ft. warehouse and distribution centre by the end of February 2018. They required their new facility to meet the minimum operational requirements to cover their next three to five years of expected business growth.

The Weston management team recognised that they required professional guidance and support to complete this project, and engaged the Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants, at The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), whom scaled the project into three practical stages.

Weston’s primary project requirements included being provided with detailed design layouts via CAD drawings to show the optimisation of the capacity of their facility, which simultaneously showed consideration for the operational requirements of handling fixtures, fittings, furnishings, consumables, clothing, footwear and PPE for site operatives of their facility.

Under the scope of this project, The Specialist Consultants were required to develop optimised warehouse layouts, workflows and operational procedures for Weston Homes. To deliver this, the Consultants conducted a review of the following processes, including but not limited to product flows, pick/pack and despatch, stock and inventory management, and hours of operation for the facility.

SCCG also provided the Weston Homes management team with a review of their WMS, a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and support and training for the Weston team, for the WMS, to ensure it met Weston’s operational requirements.

Conducting and completing this project, The Supply Chain Consulting Group provided the Weston team, with solutions to enable their continuous improvement programme, through supporting their planned changes to their supply chain processes; and providing Weston with the best-optimised layouts for their facility, taking into consideration their future growth predictions.