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NEW Warehouse Design

SCCG was engaged by the client, a leading UK supplier of building products, to provide warehouse consulting services. The objective of the project was to determine the warehouse sizing requirements for a new National Distribution Centre to serve the client’s extensive branch network, in line with its new distribution strategy.


Go Supply Chain’s warehouse consultants worked closely with the client’s team to develop an agreed data set, including rules for which products are to be stored in the new warehouse, product dimensions, rate of movement and inventory stockholding assumptions based on ABC analysis.

Warehouse capacity planning assumptions around utilisation of the warehouse and allowance for growth were agreed upon.


When designing a distribution warehouse layout, it is important to consider the trade-offs between storage density, equipment costs and productivity i.e. labour costs. In this project, we used established modelling techniques to select the appropriate storage equipment for each SKU based on this trade-off.

For example, a dense pick-face with many SKUs per linear metre of racking/shelving will reduce travel time for picking staff. On the other hand, depending on inventory policy, smaller pick-face locations will increase the required frequency of replenishment.

We also needed to consider the capital cost of storage and handling equipment that results from our solution choice.  Our materials handling consultants were able to determine these break-points and allocate the optimal equipment type by SKU.

Once we had completed this modelling process we calculated the space requirements for the best warehouse layout, using our experience of similar operations to define variables such as aisle width, aisle end clearances and specific area requirements such as allowances for MHE charging and office space.

“Thanks again for an excellent piece of work, delivered so efficiently.” – Supply Chain Director

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  • Market-leading UK supplier of building products


  • Understand the existing warehouse operation and review requirements for the future in line with the company’s growth plan
  • Take on data from the client including SKU dimensions, rate of movement and inventory requirements, making assumptions where necessary
  • Considering space, equipment and labour costs, determine the right mix of storage equipment e.g. pallet racking, shelving, plastic bins etc. for picking and reserve requirements
  • Determine the size of warehouse space required and options to deliver this e.g. over a combination of ground and mezzanine floors, utilising alternative technologies e.g. vertical lifts

Business Benefits

  • The company can now press ahead with its new logistics strategy knowing the size and specification of the warehouse that is required to support it
  • Costs in the new operation will be reduced as a result of considering trade-offs between the various cost elements in a systematic way
  • The project was delivered quickly by SCCG’s logistics consultants, allowing the client to stick to a tight timescale for implementation

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