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Warehouse Optimisation for Global Manufacturer


SCCG was engaged in a warehouse optimisation project with a client who is a leading manufacturer of multi-industry equipment. The client is a large manufacturing company focused on the production and supply of highly engineered equipment for a range of industries, with a global presence in over 150 countries.

This warehouse optimisation project aimed to provide a solution to improve the facility’s operations and storage management by implementing building modifications and layout changes in order to create additional space for stock, increase productivity and therefore as a result reduce unit costs. Go Supply Chain’s warehouse consultancy team was closely engaged with the client’s operational team to ensure that existing warehouse operations were fully understood and that provided recommendations for utilisation of the warehouse site layout were realistic and evidence-based.

The Go Supply Chain consulting team offered the solution in the form of CAD layouts with better utilisation of space and stock storage, implementation costs, and improved productivity through better processes in the following areas:

  • Goods In
  • Production order picking
  • Order shipping
  • Marshalling/despatch
  • Stock Management

The business data provided by the client enabled our team to prepare a solid warehouse plan that aimed to migrate the stock from multiple and less efficient facilities in several countries into one consolidated more cost-effective campus facility. The development of an evidence-based data data-driven plan allowed us to work with the client’s management team to allow key decisions to be made quickly and with confidence. Moving a warehouse facility can provide significant risks to customer service in any business and a robust plan driven by real business information is the key to minimising this risk and delivering on time. Contact one of our expert warehouse consultants to talk through the development and execution of a plan for your next warehouse move.

If you are looking at warehouse optimisation projects, please contact our team for more information.


  • Global Manufacturer


  • The project concerns a large factory and warehouse facility, with multiple value streams producing a range of highly engineered industrial equipment
  • Review the existing warehouse operation to make recommendations to improve capacity and productivity
  • Work closely with the customer team to optimise the overall factory/warehouse site layout, making the most productive and efficient use of the available space
  • Engage with the team in a number of Kaizen events and workshops to develop and begin to implement the recommended improvements

Business Benefits

  • Through changes to storage and handling equipment and methods, some building modifications and layout changes, The customer was able to create additional space for the migration of production units into the site, enabling their overall production/logistics strategy for this sector
  • Improved productivity, reducing unit costs
  • Improved throughput capacity, enabling an increased production schedule