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Carousel Logistics Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Complete Warehouse Design Project For Carousel

Innovating logistics since 1986, Carousel is the leading provider of personalised logistics; with 30 years of proven success, Carousel always puts their clients, and their customers, first. Carousel tailors their solutions and takes the time to understand its clients’ logistics needs to provide the best possible service, their priority is, and always will be, to increase efficiencies and safeguard its clients’ reputation, all the while keeping their clients in control.

Carousel has two facilities in Sittingbourne, Unit 2 and Unit 13, which they required to be redesigned, to suit their ongoing growth requirements. Unit 13 housed their then-current ‘hand-picked’ operation, which The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) assisted with previously. Since this installation, Carousel experienced a business increase of over 57%.

The Carousel team soon became aware that this business increase was set to continue by a similar margin and it became very obvious to management that the current operation was no longer adequate in terms of the area used for picking and packing operations and the quantity of bulk pallet locations.

Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants, SCCG, were employed again by Carousel, to design and provide recommendations for their two warehouses to facilitate unexpected business growth.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of current and future warehouse operations, SCCG conducted an operational review, to analyse optimised layouts, workflows and operational procedures, through observation of all activity and interaction with relevant operational and commercial personnel to understand all activities and processes carried out within the warehouse.

Under the scope of this project, SCCG were required to design additional, operational capacity for the hand-picked’ customer orders in Unit 13 by way of the installation of a mezzanine floor, with an optional powered conveyor system and the de-lapsing of four runs of existing pallet racking.

There was also a requirement for the review of the ‘hand-picked’ operation in Unit 13, after which, the SCCG team were able to provide recommendations for improvements to the layouts, the reduction of pick travel distance and an increase in packing speeds, by way of an automated or semi-automated packing and case sealing operation.

Following their reviews, SCCG designed the installation of a mezzanine floor in Unit 2, with an optional powered incline/decline conveyor system for the transfer of the final picked and packed product down to the despatch and transfer of deliveries onto the mezzanine level; alongside providing designs for the installation in Unit 2 of pallet racking for the storage of circa 150 pallets of bulk stock. All design work was completed using the SCCG team’s in-house CAD system.

SCCG presented their findings of the operational review and high-level recommendations back to the Carousel Logistics team, summarising the options available and next steps in terms of what could be done to improve layout/racking/equipment options, alongside proposed process and workflows.