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Warehouse Design Project for Davis and Shirtliff

Davis & Shirtliff (D&S) is the largest water-related equipment supplier and industry leader in the East African region. Based in Kenya, D&S operates through a network of 70 different branches within the country, whilst exporting to different regional affiliates in East Africa.

Due to rapid business growth, D&S had identified the need to create additional storage and had designed the shell for a new central distribution facility, to be located in Tatu City, near Nairobi.

In order to achieve improved operational efficiencies and benefits from the new warehouse, D&S engaged The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) to combine their existing storage and distribution warehouses into the new central  facility, while considering D&S’s business requirements.

By developing an internal layout, the consultants had to ensure that the new warehouse optimised the flow of products throughout the facility, as well as providing an efficient operation, which supported the current and future business growth and objectives.

Based on plans and discussions with the local D&S team, SCCG identified, collated and coordinated the necessary data for the project, including order and stock profiles, product master file and operating parameters for the facility.  The product range of around  9,000 items had a wide range of shapes and sizes, many of which did not have accurate dimension data.  This required D&S team, with the help of their suppliers, to measure and weigh many of the products.  Using this data, SCCG developed a comprehensive database of product profiles, which was then used to segment the product range into 13 different handling groups.  These included hazardous chemicals, loads up to 6m in length, and a range of pallet sizes.

Using the current the forecast growth of each product, SCCG then produced a planning base for future volumes flows, which was reviewed and agreed with the project team.

This planning base was used to assess a range of design options, as well as undertaking the initial evaluation of costs and benefits of each option and how the warehouse could be expanded in the future.

The SCCG warehouse specialists reviewed and agreed with the local D&S team the best layout design and then provided D&S with an outline CAD drawing for the preferred layout. Using this design, an overview of future processes was developed along with the manpower resources required to support those processes and flows.

After an evaluation of the mobile and static equipment requirements, the consultants developed a specification of the equipment required, which was subsequently used by D&S to run a tender for the equipment.

Finally, SCCG issued and presented a report that summarised the proposed designs, along with supporting data analysis and assumptions. The report also consisted of the design options discussed and the rationale for choosing the preferred options, as well as the CAD layout drawing for the preferred option.

The SCCG warehouse design specialist consultants have successfully completed the project for D&S, developing an internal layout, whilst ensuring that the new warehouse is fully optimised for the flow of products throughout the facility, as well as providing efficient operations.

The project deliverables have been successfully accomplished, with a solution that supports the future business growth.

The warehouse designs have now been implemented and the new facility is fully operational.