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Warehouse Design and Implementation for a Luxury Retailer

Warehouse Design & Implementation for a luxury retailer

Company and project background

A renowned luxury footwear and handbag brand sought expert assistance for a new warehouse facility. The company, which enjoys a strong presence in the UK retail market and operates a growing B2C website, required the expertise of The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) to streamline its operations and align with its omnichannel approach.

Objectives of the Project:

supply chain strategy for retailers
  • The primary objective of the project was to conduct a comprehensive review of the client’s warehousing requirements and develop a detailed plan for a modern warehouse.
  • SCCG aimed to create an agreed planning base, specify warehouse space and building requirements, recommend layout and equipment, and propose efficient ways of working and resource models

Challenges in the Project:

  • The existing warehouse presented several challenges to its spread across multiple buildings and floors. These operational constraints resulted in reduced productivity, limited capacity for growth, and inefficiencies in managing inventory.
  • Additionally, the integration of the B2C operation into a single stock pool required careful planning and execution to ensure seamless fulfilment across all channels. SCCG recognised the need to address these challenges to enhance operational efficiency and support the company's future growth.

Initial Situation and Solutions:

SCCG started by analysing the company’s warehousing requirements and conducted an operational review, visiting the existing site to assess:
  • current processes,
  • layout,
  • systems,
  • equipment,
  • resource allocation.
This allowed SCCG to identify opportunities for improvement and optimise the warehouse design. SCCG's expertise in warehouse design enabled the identification of appropriate storage and handling equipment, including mechanised solutions, which were incorporated into multiple layout design options.

Outcomes and conclusions:

SCCG provided the company with detailed layout designs, equipment options, and cost estimates for each solution. By considering factors such as productivity, capacity, ease of operation, and cost implications, SCCG presented a compelling case for moving to a new facility. The warehouse design and implementation project conducted by SCCG successfully addressed the challenges faced by the company's existing warehouse and provided a roadmap for future improvements. By engaging SCCG's expertise and leveraging their knowledge in warehouse design, the client was able to make informed decisions regarding their future warehouse facility.

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