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Gloucestershire County Council Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group conduct Warehouse Design and Consolidation for GCC

Gloucester Industrial Services (GIS) provides an essential service for the provision of community equipment throughout Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) to all age groups which allows individuals to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

GIS’s then-current number of standard equipment was in excess of 560 items and counting, in its number of bespoke and unique items. The number of items despatched was circa 120,000 per annum, with over 80% of the items returned for re-use. To meet the constant increase in demand from Community Care, GIS operated a one-day delivery commitment, for which their then-current delivery operation occupied two sites, at Gloucester and Cinderford.

Gloucestershire County Council required solutions to assist their business growth and service commitment for their industrial services sector (GIS) and wanted to consider the impact if operations currently undertaken by GIS over both sites, were consolidated into a new central distribution facility. Conducting this project, the Specialist team at the Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) successfully provided the GCC management team with fully costed options based on the single & two site scenarios, with a recommended blueprint for the future.

The consulting project was, therefore, to design storage layouts for a new purpose build, or the re-siting into an existing suitable warehouse facility to accommodate all activities from both sites. The facility needed to include areas for storage, distribution, equipment cleaning, equipment maintenance, laundering, offices, canteen and restrooms. The budget costs of a single consolidated facility were then duly compared to the cost of the existing operations and any other potential solutions.

The SCCG consultants’ measure of approach was to review current operations and procedures in order to properly develop optimised layouts, workflows and operations, including but not limited to Interface/interaction between warehousing and other operations/departments within the business, Product flows and volumes, Seasonal fluctuations for each product group, Increased product lines – projected changes to product family type; and Product storage procedures, of which included: number on pallets, outer packaging, cartons, SKU and items.

Once the operational review was complete, the SCCG team were able to review their findings and report any constraints to the GCC team; progressing to show budget cost models to compare the current and consolidated operations costs to the GCC team.

Under the scope of this project, the SCCG consultants defined work areas for Tele Care/Tele Health Engineers and all associated operations; Reviewed commercial and operational constraints with GCC prior to final CAD drawings; Provided optimised design layouts for a new warehouse facility using their in-house CAD system, for all operational requirements including a full bill of materials for warehouse storage equipment; Provided budget costings for the implementation and operation of a new facility; And provided a cost model to compare current operations against a proposed consolidated operation.

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