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ToffeIn Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Conducts Internal Process Review For ToffeIn

Toffeln is one of the world’s leading experts in the design and manufacture of specialist ergonomic design footwear for professionals working indoors in hygienic environments such as hospitals, kitchens, food manufacture, dentistry and veterinary. Established in 1978, Toffeln remains a British, family-owned company with a passion for ergonomic design. Trusted by countless nurses, doctors and catering professionals worldwide, Toffeln shoes and clogs provide comfort and protection in equal measure. Designed for both men and women Toffeln’s wide range of clogs and shoes are available in a vast array of sizes and colours, perfect for medical, catering and leisure environments. Wanting to improve upon the efficiency and service of the Toffeln facility, Toffeln enlisted the support of The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), in order to conduct an Internal Process Review. Under the scope of the project, the SCCG team of consultants visited the Toffeln site twice, over two days, to primarily undertake a review of the following: inventory management, purchasing practice, portfolio management, sales forecasting, demand management, and sales & operations planning to review Toffeln’s current practice in situ. The SCCG team conducted a review of Toffeln's current practices, inclusive of both the documented processes, and any informal processes respectively including inventory targets inconsistent with the service level and working capital requirements, portfolios not focussed on the critical products i.e. the top 80% of revenue, service levels inconsistent with operational constraints and what the market demands, and S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) focussed on immediate planning horizons. SCCG present a set of recommendations and discussed findings in detail with the Toffeln management team. Throughout the Internal Process Review, SCCG provided Toffeln with realistic and immediate practical solutions to their findings. For example: if their current inventory calculations were found to be insufficient, then the consultants developed a correct method of calculation, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the potential effect on working capital. With support from the SCCG team of Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants, Toffeln were provided with a thorough internal process review, which enabled the Toffeln management team to understand all possible improvements they could implement with regard to betterment of the efficiency and service of the Toffeln facility.