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The Supply Chain Consulting Group Supports Musclefood

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Reviews Distribution Centre and Warehouse for Musclefood

Musclefood is an award-winning online retailer of high-protein foods, gourmet cuts, lean meats and ready meals with no added water, salt, or any other additives.

The company operates through a customer-focused strategy and is led by goal-oriented plans, offering complete meal plans, prepared against a scheduled diet and exercise regime, tailored according to each customer’s individual needs and dietary requirements.

As part of their growing strategy, Musclefood has recently made changes to the over-arching hierarchical board and shareholding structure. Moreover, with the contribution of an investment company to their expenditure, Musclefood developed their journey further.

By reviewing and amending their target audience demographics, the company experienced 45% growth in their average order size, as well as a significant increase in orders in a very short time.

Due to this rapid growth, Musclefood engaged The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) for support, requiring a new, larger Distribution Centre (DC) and operational facility, to accommodate this increased demand.



Musclefood has a temperature-controlled DC in West Bromwich used for finished goods. Their manufacturing site is in Castle Donnington, for fresh and frozen ready meals.

In order to meet Musclefood’s objectives, the specialist supply chain consultants at SCCG have reviewed the operations of all current layouts, processes and systems.

As a starting point, SCCG gathered data analysis of all production and sales volumes for the last 12 months and future growth projections over an agreed planning horizon to establish material flows, storage requirements and work areas.

Working closely with Musclefood, the specialist consultants gained a clear understanding of the operational and IT requirements, through detailed on-site reviews of the sites. Future material flow requirements for the new strategy were established after reviewing all operational processes.


SCCG considered the layout, automation/semi-automation and mechanisation options, as well as alternative picking methodologies including zone picking and goods-to-man and the way these might be applied to range segments.

Moreover, the SCCG consultants provided facility size requirements, design options, budgets and implementation costs, including 3PL costs for logistics DC activities for comparison purposes.


The Supply Chain Consulting Group specialist consultants provided a high-level implementation project time plan and phased business transition plan, holding a workshop to agree the preferred solutions. The consultants produced detailed CAD drawings, which helped us visualise how we could reduce in-process replenishments, improve pick-rate for zone management for multiple pick faces, smooth workload in goods-in, as well as reduce on-hand stock and service costs.” Musclefood Operations Director