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Pukka Herbs Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Complete Warehouse Design Project For Pukka Herbs

 Pukka Herbs is a fast-growing British supplier of organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements. As a B-Corp, Pukka Herbs is committed to sustainability and ethically sourcing ingredients from over 50 countries. Offering an extensive product range, Pukka Herbs supply national supermarkets and independent health food stores, as well as operating a successful direct-to-consumer channel.

Achieving 30% growth year-on-year, Pukka Herbs was growing fast, to the extent that it was reaching full capacity of its 9000 sq. ft of warehouses in Bristol. Due to rapid business growth, the warehousing operations were divided across two warehouses and a third-party facility 15 miles away.

At the heart of this operation was Pukka Herb’s original warehouse, which received its bulk herbs and finished products, which were then picked and despatched to customers via the company’s multiple channels. Pukka Herbs management team decided a review was required to examine its processes and ensure they keep in-line with best practice into the future.

Pukka Herbs engaged The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) to determine its requirements for warehousing over the next 5-8 years and to design an appropriate solution.

The Specialist Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants conducted a review of the existing warehouse operation and the company’s requirements for the future in-line with its growth plan. Based on the review, the SCCG made recommendations for a new warehouse layout, providing CAD layout drawings, capital equipment and operating cost schedules, and advice on warehouse process improvement.

SCCG supported Pukka Herbs in finding a new warehouse and implementing the recommendations based on the review and SKU analysis.

The experienced team of consultants helped Pukka Herbs implement Standard Operating Procedures in the new facility to maximise efficiency and productivity, taking into considering different requirements when picking for small independent shops or international distributors.

"The Supply Chain Consulting Group were the straight forward choice for this project which was conducted with tremendous efficiency. The end result was that our new warehousing operation was significantly more productive and provided a platform for the continued growth of Pukka Herbs." Head of Projects & IT - Pukka Herbs