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Paul Ponsonby Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Support WMS Implementation For Paul Ponsonby

Paul Ponsonby Limited, is an award-winning third-party logistics company based in the Midlands, offering warehousing solutions and specialist distribution services. Established in 1998, the company has grown from operating a small warehouse in Birmingham with a single vehicle to operating 100,000 ft. of warehouse space and running a fleet of 14 vehicles. Providing warehousing solutions, container de-vanning services, and pallet storage, for clients across a variety of sectors, including retailer Claire's, the Paul Ponsonby team, are experienced at niche distribution and installation of fragile electronic and medical equipment across the UK and Europe, having also worked with clients including IBM and Huawei. Paul Ponsonby enlisted The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) to review their primary operations, processes and procedures used for management of the Paul Ponsonby warehouse operations; in order to be able to subsequently assist with supporting increased utilisation and correct implementation of their existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). Correct implementation of their WMS would enable Paul Ponsonby to gain the maximum efficiencies and benefits across all their operations – including customer collections, cross-docking, trunking, and deliveries. Paul Ponsonby’s Management team required the expertise and independent support from SCCG to provide an initial gap analysis against the current WMS requirement specification to suit their specific operational requirements. The results of the analysis provided the Paul Ponsonby team with improved information for operational controls. "We were very happy with the work completed by The Supply Chain Consulting Group. The consultants were professional, and friendly and fully explained their recommendations. As a result of working with SCCG, we correctly implemented an effective WMS and prepared for future business growth." Director - Paul Ponsonby Ltd The SCCG team of experienced Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants conducted a physical review of Paul Ponsonby warehouse operational procedures and WMS requirements to determine whether the WMS was currently correctly configured and deployed to support required activities in line with business & performance objectives. The SCCG team diligently reviewed Paul Ponsonby's current processes from goods receipt through finishing/processing to order despatch. This included reviewing warehouse processes, storage and picking layouts, and Materials Handling Equipment. The SCCG team used this information to determine how best to proceed, by noting a number of observations and supplying recommendations to assist with improving the effectiveness of processes required for the Paul Ponsonby team’s daily operations. Based on the comprehensive review, the specialist consultants recommended increased utilisation of the WMS to optimise warehouse operations and developed Standard Operational Procedures for all aspects of warehouse and picking/packing operations and WMS usage. SCCG collaborated with Paul Ponsonby's management team to create a full operational requirement specification for a suitable WMS that meets the needs of warehouse operations for at least the three to five-year planning horizon, to reflect business growth.