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National Trust Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Complete Warehouse Optimisation Project For The National Trust

English conservation organisation - The National Trust - decided to expand its warehouse storage capacity, based on consideration of the size, location, and operating approach of the Trust’s future distribution footprint. To ensure the existing warehouse and fulfilment facility was located in the most suitable area of the country, and of a sufficient size to accommodate the client’s current activities including e-commerce, with spare capacity remaining for growth; The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) team undertook a Centre of Gravity analysis to ensure transport savings were attainable, whilst retaining the current location. "The Supply Chain Consulting Group Warehouse and Logistics team conducted a detailed review of our existing warehouse and distribution operations to identify our future requirements. The team's strategy reduced costs relative to throughput, throughout both our warehouse and distribution operations." The National Trust The SCCG team of Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants worked with the client to carry out a detailed review of the existing warehouse and distribution operations for The National Trust, to identify their future requirements. The findings from this review were presented back to the project team with a recommended strategy of opportunities to reduce cost relative to throughput in both the warehouse and distribution operations. The chosen successful solution was the implementation of better management of the supply chain, to offer significant benefits to the current operation, in order to free up more capacity at the current site allow them to operate more efficiently increase the velocity of product, and enable expansion of throughput, within the existing facility.