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The Supply Chain Consulting Group design new facilities in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with iconic brands in spirits, beer and wine; producing their brands from more than 200 sites in over 30 countries. Diageo are committed to efficient, sustainable production to the highest quality standards; and their export-led International Supply Centre (ISC) employs over 4,000 people across more than 55 sites in Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.

The Diageo businesses in East Africa (in this case Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) have developed plans for new warehouses to support their next ten years of business growth, and supply core SKUs, produced by the breweries and delivered into the warehouses.

Diageo is a sales-led organisation and they are passionate about ensuring that Diageo products are available where consumers want them. Diageo work to deliver amazing consumer experiences, always aiming to achieve extended sales reach.

Diageo engaged the specialist Warehouse and Supply Chain Consultants, The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), to provide a proposal to review and validate the current Diageo warehouse designs, whilst simultaneously developing an independent design and layout for the new facility.

The consultants at SCCG conducted detailed review and analysis, assessing processes including, layout and handling methods, value flows and operational procedures, to enable them to validate the current designs and subsequently develop separate informed, yet independent, warehouse designs.

Following their reviews, the Warehouse Consultants at SCCG, supplied Diageo, with suitable proposed new warehouse designs, simultaneously considering efficiency, productivity, current product flows, and future business growth.

Using CAD drawings of the preferred design option, SCCG presented Diageo with an informed rationale and cost analysis for their final proposed facility design.

As well as supporting Diageo with several warehouse designs in the region, SCCG are now working with them for the installation of Biomass Facilities within each of the sites where the new warehouse facilities have been implemented.

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