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Global Fashion and Leather Goods Brand

SCCG was engaged by an English fashion brand, known internationally for its high-end leather goods, in particular women’s handbags. The company manufactures in the UK and abroad and operates its own warehousing in the South West of England.

The issue was a familiar one: the client was reaching the limits of its warehouse capacity and was in the early stages of planning to acquire a new distribution centre.

At this stage, the client needed to understand the size of DC that would be required to cope with its growth plans, and the likely capital costs involved. The DC would need to serve retail, wholesale and the very fast-growing web channel. Seasonality presented challenges, for example, the need for a very large number of pack benches in the lead-up to Christmas, which would potentially be poorly utilised at other times of the year.

Acquiring data from business systems, the consulting team set to work analysing the profile of activity and modelling various options to arrive at the most cost-effective operating methods and layout.

Go Supply Chain’s warehouse consultants worked closely with the operational team to arrive at a warehouse design that would provide space efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

We undertook SKU level analysis of pick-face sizing, along with making recommendations at the higher level, for example, to place additional packing benches on mezzanine levels and to what extent pick-faces would be shared across channels.

Finally, our logistics consultants made recommendations about how the growth would map onto the available capacity and how ‘spare’ capacity might be utilised in the short term, for example by bringing raw material stock in from the upstream supply chain.

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  • Global Fashion and Leather Goods Brand


  • Understand the existing warehouse operation and review requirements for the future in line with the company’s growth plan
  • Determine the size of the new warehouse, incorporating storage for hanging and flat garments and accessories, picking and packing facilities for web and wholesale/retail orders
  • Provide an initial operational design, with CAD layout drawings, capital equipment and operating cost schedules, and advice on warehouse process improvement

Business Benefits

  • An independent and robust analysis of the brand’s warehousing requirements, resulting in an initial design for a new DC
  • Designed to improve workflows and productivity, and to cope with significant seasonal peaks by incorporating dedicated web pick-faces and packing stations over three floors

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