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Dawleys Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Optimise Warehouse Operations For Dawleys

Dawleys is a direct marketing services and fulfilment agency with over 20 years of experience in providing cost-effective services and practical outsourcing solutions; they have flexible quality quality-managed processes and systems which fit their clients’ requirements. From one-off campaigns to project management, low-volume mailings to high-volume fulfilment and email broadcasts, short-term data-capture campaigns to long-term data processing and database projects; Dawleys have the people, skills and commitment to help.

Dawleys started life in 1989 as a consultancy business before developing into a direct marketing services and fulfilment agency in 1991. The company has continued to grow and develop its service range and outsource solutions in response to changing technologies and client requirements.

Dawley’s services and facilities are constantly reviewed as part of their ISO quality accreditations, and recent developments include their new Fulfilment Centre which has been kitted out with new technology, security systems and ergonomically designed picking and packing zones and the expansion of data and email teams.

Dawleys services customers across all sectors including Texaco, Breast Cancer, Royal Mail Transport for London, and many more. Services offered by Dawleys include; Inbound and outbound Call Centre call management, Data Processing & Database Management, Email Broadcasting, Response Handling and Data Capture, Mailing House Services, Warehousing, Stock Management and Fulfilment.

The Dawleys management team aimed to grow the business, especially around the fulfilment services, and decided to enlist support from The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG). Dawleys wanted to optimise the warehouse and fulfilment operations, by consolidating two separate warehousing units, to ensure that proposed growth plans were achieved.

The SCCG team of Specialist Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants reviewed Dawley’s current operations to understand their consolidation requirements and develop the future facility. This review allowed SCCG to determine the facility sizing, properly develop optimised layouts, workflows and operational procedures.

SCCG provided Dawleys with final CAD layouts and costed implementation plans for the current and projected requirements (over the agreed planning horizon) for the final specifications to be agreed and implemented by Dawleys.

“The warehouse and fulfilment centre is up and running and was an absolute godsend in the summer/autumn when we were deluged in orders for one of our clients…we coped brilliantly, and it wouldn’t have been possible with our old set-up.” Director – Dawleys Logistics 

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