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Environmental Supply Chain Strategy – Make it “Lean and Green”

Road congestion, urban mobility, local air pollution and the need for CO² reductions and energy conservation will have a dramatic impact on the future supply chain of all industries. Companies will be required to reduce the impact on the environment of their supply chains and will have to develop sustainable value chain strategies in the coming months and years.

  • Do you have a green procurement and effective environmental policy?
  • Can you reduce CO² and other greenhouse gas emissions from your supply chain?
  • Have you considered alternative transport modes for your freight transport?
  • Could you benefit from a collaborative supply chain, reducing your costs and the impact on the environment?
  • Do you have a complete emission inventory?
  • Do you know what legislation is on the way?
  • How will your supply chain be affected by higher energy costs?

Realising environmental objectives can be done in synergy with other strategic and financial goals. A green logistics or sustainable supply chain strategy often reduces logistics and supply chain costs as it focuses on reducing energy consumption and on improving the total supply chain. But it is also true that some economic trends, such as a shift to more offshore manufacturing and more frequent JIT deliveries, have a negative impact on the ecological performance of supply chains.

Whatever the effect on costs, it is obvious that environmental performance indicators, the adoption of a green supply chain and logistics policy and effective green logistics measures are important aspects of today’s total supply chain management.

To investigate how your company can improve the environmental performance of its logistics activities or supply chain and to realise a sustainable strategy, you must start with an analysis of the energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions and other air contaminants from your existing operations and processes. This will provide a baseline from which an emission reduction strategy can be developed and performance can be measured over time.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group can provide Environmental Supply Chain Audits and support you in developing and implementing your environmental policy and strategies.