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Craft Products Supplier – eCommerce / Catalogue Warehouse Design

Our client supplies a wide variety of arts & crafts, educational and fundraising products to schools, groups and charities. It does this via a catalogue and eCommerce website. The rapidly growing company was moving to a new, upgraded warehouse and required assistance with operational design in order to accommodate increased volumes and product numbers.

Two of Go Supply Chain’s warehouse design consultants visited the client’s existing operation to gain an understanding of current methods and equipment employed in receipt, storage, pick / pack and despatch. Discussions were held with stakeholders including the Managing Director, IT Director and Warehouse Manager to ensure all current issues were captured.

In parallel with the operational review, the company extracted data sets from its systems for analysis by Go Supply Chain’s team of logistics consulting analysts. Based on this analysis, and applying assumptions to allow for growth in overall volumes and number of SKUs, the logistics consulting team developed a number of design options for the pickface, bulk storage and packing areas. The design options were turned into CAD drawings and discussed with the client. Once preferred options had been arrived at our report was compiled and issued, containing our analysis, recommendations, drawings and capital equipment schedule with budget costs.

Improvements in the new design compared to the current warehouse included the use of an innovative double-deep storage system for the SKUs with the largest number of pallets in stock, and more space efficient pickface and pack bench layouts.

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  • Craft Products Supplier


  • Understand the existing warehouse operation and review requirements for the future in line with the company’s growth plan Take on data from the client including SKU dimensions, rate of movement and inventory requirements
  • Define most appropriate solutions for pick-face sizing and types, storage solutions and packing / despatch
  • Working closely with the client’s team to refine the design, produce CAD layout drawings and capital schedules to show equipment required to be purchased and budget costings

Business Benefits

  • By analysing SKU stock depth and rates of movement and utilising dimensional data, we were able to design a highly cube-efficient storage solution to make best use of the new warehouse and maximise growth potential
  • Pick and pack layouts were designed with the client to maximise productivity and hence peak capacity