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Conwy Borough Council Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Review Warehouse Operations For Conwy Borough County Council

Conwy Borough County Council (CBCC) is the governing body for Conwy County Borough, one of the unitary authority areas of Wales.

CBCC consolidated three former departments, Environment, Roads and Facilities, covering the management of facilities, open spaces, traffic and network management, finance and customer services, and transport and waste, into one department to be known as ERF.

To optimise the opportunities available to the new department, it was decided to consolidate their existing nine sites into one single site, of which all current sites operate independently, both in terms of their operating procedures and their warehouse and inventory management systems.

CBCC engaged The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), to assist with creating a consolidated, optimised, and cost-effective warehouse facility. SCCG assisted CBCC with the design and layout of their facility, whilst simultaneously reviewing their current warehouse operations, to determine the most suitable operating procedures, ERP, and inventory management tools, specifically for their site.

The SCCG team were required to gain a clear understanding of current practice, to formulate a ‘best in class’ process and procedure for the consolidated site, supported by a common Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The Specialist Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants conducted a complete end-to-end process review, including order processing, asset management, storage, receipt and despatch procedures, resource maintenance, and inventory control.

With an overview of CBCC’s business activities and future plans, SCCG presented CBCC with the analysis of their existing operation, highlighting key findings and recommendations for improvement, by virtue of process optimisation.

SCCG provided CBCC with further areas for recommendation, including facility layouts, inventory storage, and marshalling and despatch areas; all of which were conducive to optimised operations, and increased efficiency in CBCC’s warehouse processes.

Through meticulous review and analysis, and using a simple throughput activity model to represent the current operation, SCCG correctly identified and developed optimised layouts, workflows and operational procedures and provided CBCC with recommendations for improvements to be prioritised by ease of implementation and business benefit.

Following their warehouse operations review, CBCC required further support from the Specialist Consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group, concerning the provision of a New Site Design Layout, alongside providing a WMS operational requirement specification, to best support CBCC’s new optimised workflows and processes.