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Commotion Group Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Conduct Operational Review for Commotion Group

Commotion Group is a wholesale distributor of educational resources based in Tonbridge, Kent. They supply a diverse range of customers internationally, including schools, nurseries, and childminders, amongst other educational disciplines.

Commotion Group’s products are aimed at educators, to be used to inspire learning. They are market leaders in high-quality products, aimed at supporting and nurturing today, the innovators of tomorrow.

Dedicated to consistently striving to maintain efficient stock management and provide excellent customer service, Commotion Group pride itself on ensuring all its products are available at competitive prices and delivered on time.

Commotion Group decided that they needed to review the effectiveness of their current processes, including supplier management and supply chain operations, the subsequent effects on stock availability, and the ability to fulfil customer orders at the first pick operation.

Commotion Group chose to work with the Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancy, The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), due to their knowledge and expertise within and surrounding the Logistics Industry.

Under the scope of this project, the objective of the SCCG team, was to provide a strategy with which to secure the supply chain, manage suppliers more effectively, manage stock levels across the range of items, increase stock availability (to assist in reducing the number of times picks are made to complete an order in full) and to reduce current additional deliveries required and associated transport costs (due to non-availability of stock).

Upon commencement of the project, SCCG conducted an operational review to identify Commotion Group’s current infrastructure capabilities and their potential for optimised solutions in the short and long term.

Processes under review included: Picking, packing and despatch procedures, Returns handling and sortation operation, management of seasonal fluctuations for each product group, Customer service and delivery commitments and order cut-off times, and Stock and inventory management requirements.

The solutions provided by The Supply Chain Consulting Group team, included but were not limited to changes to the number and design of facilities, procurement of new equipment and systems, and operational changes.

Following this operational review, The SCCG team of Specialist Warehouse and Logistics Consultants successfully identified areas for operational improvements, with an emphasis on quick win, yet low cost, changes; which included solutions to be implemented immediately, alongside realistic potential longer-term strategic solutions, which were considered, to ensure that any changes made in the short term did not hinder or add cost to the implementation of any potential greater efficiencies for the Commotion Group facility.