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Volvo Group Case Study

Volvo Group Choose The Supply Chain Consulting Group

Volvo Construction Equipment (a division of Volvo Group UK Ltd) has a warehouse operation in Duxford that supplies parts and equipment directly to end customers nationwide and to regional Customer Support Centres.

Volvo needed to investigate ways to increase storage capacity at Duxford and to optimise stores layouts and workflows to increase output and improve efficiencies. In addition they wanted to identify where technology could be used to increase efficiencies within the warehouse operation.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) were selected by Volvo to support them with the warehouse review and optimisation project.

“We chose the SCCG team to work with us based on their reputation and proven track record in warehouse design and optimisation…” Parts Director – Volvo Construction Equipment “…they have thoroughly reviewed our operation and provided revised layouts and workflows and made system recommendations. The warehouse consultant engaged with staff and personnel at all levels throughout the warehouse and was able to take into account the individual functions and requirements as well as the overall needs of the business. They have provided us with a strategic framework to increase our storage capacity and workspace, increase productivity and improve overall performance whilst remaining in the existing facility.”