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Greencore Group Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Completes Warehouse Optimisation Project for Greencore Group

Greencore Group engaged the Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists at The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), to conduct further project work after successfully completing a network strategy optimisation project two years prior, this time requiring assistance with warehouse optimisation for Greencore’s Prepared Meals (GPM).

Established in 1991, Greencore Group’s business diversified into convenience food in 2001; UK Convenience is made up of three divisions, Food to Go, Prepared Meals (GPM) and Grocery.

GPM’s business produces chilled ready meals, chilled sauces, chilled soups and quiches for the major retailers in the UK. The business, like most of the categories in which it operates, is largely private label, although Greencore also produces under license for Weight Watchers, Little Dish and Cinnamon Kitchen. GPM’s key clients include Sainsbury’s, Asda, Co-op, Budgens and Aldi, although the primary client and the driver of both volume and service is Sainsbury’s.

GPM asked SCCG to assist the business in the areas of warehouse layout and optimisation, operating processes and a review of the current Warehouse Management System (WMS). SCCG conducted an initial ‘kick-off’ meeting with the GPM consultant team and key client stakeholders to agree on the project approach, timetable, key milestones, roles and responsibilities, as well as confirming GPM’s business activities and future plans.

Under the scope of this project, the SCCG team of experienced consultants were required to carry out a review of the existing GPM warehouse operations, including pick/pack and despatch, the efficiency of product storage, handling and picking regimes, process and storage bottlenecks, facility layouts, the current deployment of warehouse staff and equipment, picking and replenishment strategies, shift patterns, staff resource plan and warehouse management team structure, facility constraints for existing volumes and future growth volumes, metrics for core activities, WMS operational requirement specification to best support the optimised workflows and to review current and if required, provide an updated set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support the optimised layouts and workflows.

In order to properly identify and develop optimised layouts, workflows and operational procedures the Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants reviewed various GPM processes: product flows and volumes, operational hours of the facility, pick/pack and despatch procedures and growth projections for their three to five-year planning horizon, in order to fully understand the operation and develop the future state.

Completing this project, SCCG provided GPM with recommendations for measures to improve productivity and capacity of their warehouse, to optimise picking strategies, shift patterns, resource plans and warehouse management team structure, with an SOP manual to support their optimised layouts, processes and workflows; all whilst simultaneously highlighting best practices and opportunities for improvement for GPM.