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Beiersdorf Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Executes Warehouse Design For Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf is the home of leading skin care brands NIVEA, Eucerin, Elastoplast and Atrixo, providing innovative, high-quality products trusted by millions of consumers globally. Beiersdorf Group Headquarters is based in Hamburg, with the UK HQ in Birmingham; employing nearly 250 people across a variety of departments. The UK warehouse and distribution centre operates 24 hours; six days per week, shipping to a wide range of major retailers. 

Having become dependent on historic operational practices and processes and facing significant operational Health & Safety issues, the Beiersdorf team felt it necessary to conduct a full review of the UK warehouse and distribution centre operations, to evaluate and improve current operational processes at the Birmingham site. 

Beiersdorf enlisted The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) to conduct a full detailed review of the warehouse, including goods receipt, storage, pick/pack, despatch and any ancillary/value added work flows. This detailed review process allowed the SCCG consultants to identify any changes required, to improve the safety of warehouse operations; whilst also providing solutions to enable Beiersdorf to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of their operations moving forwards. 

SCCG also provided the Beiersdorf team with improvements for their WMS functionality, which enabled them to successfully recognise and implement processes to best support facility layouts for current and future volumes, including recommendations for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in support of optimised layouts and workflows, based upon the agreed planning horizon; with a clear focus on health and safety, and safe working practices. 

Following SCCG’s completion of the warehouse review project, Beiersdorf required further assistance from the SCCG team to provide solutions for implementing physical changes within their warehouse, including layout design, racking, equipment, MHE and automation, whilst also taking into consideration walkways and health and safety concerns involving segregation, separation, and safe working environments. 

In conjunction with this project the SCCG team worked alongside the Beiersdorf team to implement short-term solutions within the warehouse layout, addressing immediate operational and Health & Safety concerns. Enlisting the help of the SCCG team, enabled Beiersdorf to notably improve upon warehouse compliance. Beiersdorf will continue with further SCCG consulting support to implement their improved operations, to achieve continued, measurable performance concerning both Health and Safety and efficiency within their warehouse processes. SCCG proudly supported Beiersdorf throughout the entire project of their warehouse layout design. 

"It was a pleasure to work with such a devoted and friendly team; we have already chosen to work with SCCG on further warehouse improvements, without any hesitation." Beiersdorf - Health and Safety Advisor.