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A Leading UK-based Charity – Operations review

Warehouse operations review and optimisation

A Leading UK-based charity engaged with The Supply Chain Consulting Group as they needed a new procurement model to directly source from suppliers, due to their main supplier closing their business. There were concerns around stock levels and warehouse capacity at their site in the Northwest region of the UK.

SCCG conducted a warehouse review to analyse capacity, utilisation, and stock levels to identify slow-moving lines and provide advice on future systems options. SCCG created a working stock model for inventory management and demonstrated the impact of procurement choices on warehouse capacity and stock levels.

Advice on Warehouse Management System requirements and possible vendors was also provided. As a result, the client was able to improve warehouse capacity and utilisation, optimise inventory management, and successfully transition to a new procurement model, ensuring continued success in their business mission.

The warehouse consultants from The Supply Chain Consulting Group have experience in helping businesses optimise their warehouse operations, from space to storage and automation.

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